Constant War

by Kill Order

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released May 5, 2015



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Kill Order Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Wrong Choice
I can't comprehend
How's someones straightedge could bend
A lifestyle choice not a fad
That You use and abuse like a trend

Go Join the walking dead
Addictive attitudes Spread
The weak minded live off their poison
Trust me you're better off dead

We'll be watching you burn your life
a life in the gutter, what a pathetic sight

This choice was yours
Track Name: Caustic Conformity
This is Caustic Conformity
A corrosion of the soul
Their lies promise so much
The truth destroys ten fold
A cycle of abuse
A poison with no use
It will eat away who you are
Lungs blackened tar
Now there's nothing left
But A bitch with a bottle
Chained around your neck
Now you belong
A slave like the rest
Caustic conformity
Corrosion of the soul
Track Name: Constant War
Self destructive
Self inflicted
Mindless drones
Inane liquid

Under its spell
Weak minded and feeble
A slave to a substance
Make your next dose lethal

A constant war
Killing off the weak
You're killing your self
Your futures bleak

Surrounded by stupidity
Stay the fuck away from me
Kill yourself
I won't wait around to see